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Dec 2, 2012 11:00pm PST
perdierra el control de carga >> el alzheimer podría ser el enemigo número 1 >> qué tal buenas noches les salyuda ramón >> el alsheimer afecta no solo a la
Dec 9, 2012 11:00pm EST
short seconds and hope for anyone touched by alzheimer's. >> researchers here at johns hopkins are looking to jump- start the brain with something like a pace maker. details on how it could possibly slow or stop all first. >> a restaurant has explaining to do after the waiter was busted putting a very unflattering label on some customers' bills. >> oh no. >> here's what's going on. a lot of clouds and fog. dense fog advisory across the area. we are 46 in town. look at the warmth to the south. i am meteorologist mike masco wild swings in the forecast we will detail that coming up after this. >>> in health news tonight, new hope for families who have a loved one with alzheimer's. hope comes from our backyard at johns hopkins. there's word of a new and promising procedure that could be one day used to fight alzheimer's. kind of like a pays make he for the brain -- pacemaker for the brain. >> reporter: a cure for alzheimer's disease with the heart breaking mental decline and memory loss has long alluded doctors but now a surgical approach. involving a pacemaker used to stimulate the br
FOX News
Dec 8, 2012 10:00am PST
potentially huge medical break through in the fight against alzheimer's disease, could help at least slow the disease in some patients. ♪ [ male announcer ] you've reached the age where you don't back down from a challenge. this is the age of knowing how to make things happen. sowhy let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. 20 million men already have. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor. your soups are so awesomely delicious my husband and i can't stop eating 'em! what's...that... on your head? can curlers! tomato basil, potato with bacon... we've got a lot of empty cans. [ m
Dec 10, 2012 3:00am PST
africa hospital this morning. >>> also coming up, new hope in the fight against alzheimer's disease, experimental surgery to implant a kind of pacemaker for the brain is showing early success. >> an interesting one. >> yes. >>> later, daytime smack down, wendy williams lets loose with some harsh words about beyonce. what the talk show host is saying about the singer coming up in "the skinny." >> that's never going to go well. talking badly about beyonce. a bad move. >> going after beyonce is a tough one. >>> new signs of progress in efforts to avoid the fiscal cliff after a closed door meeting at the white house. >> more republicans are coming forward to say that the richest americans should pay more in taxes. here is abc's david kerley. >> reporter: for the first time in more than three weeks, a face-to-face meeting at the white house, but no cameras as the president sat down with speaker john boehner. no details are being offered which some will see as good news. the co-creator of a debt reducing plan sees progress. >> any time you have two guys in there tangoing, you have a chanc
Dec 23, 2012 6:00pm EST
dauntless alzheimer's no matter how many times he got pushed out he came around upright again and he soldiered on ever the optimist and ever the visionary. what was that bag of sand at the bottom of his life that kept him optimistic, committed an undefeated. what was it that made him a groundbreaking public leader and a great husband and loving father in every season beef. those are the questions that mark anderson is in his inspiring tribute to his father, so marked, i turn the platform over to you. [applause] >> thank you very much, father kuzniewski, for that incredible the introduction. it reminds me of i guess history when we left father kuzniewski's class and you always learn something although i don't think i ever heard my father referred to as one of those punching clowns, so that is a new one and i wrote that one down. i also want to thank you for referring to his political campaign as dismal and disastrous. it made me feel quite welcome back here at the holy cross 63, father. i want to thank tom -- i was a joke, fathered by appreciate. laughter to before i say something abo
Dec 10, 2012 2:05am EST
technology toed to help heart patients, offering hope with people with alzheimers. you are watching "world news now." ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by mucinex fast max liquid and caplet. we put a week's worth of bad odors in a home. some aerosols may just mix with them. can febreze really remove them? we asked real people what they thought. take a deep breath for me. describe the smell. it's very pleasant. fresh. some kind of flower maybe? remove the blindfold... awww, oh yuck! i didn't smell any of that! febreze air effects doesn't mix, it actually removes odors. [ laughs ] wow, that's incredible. just another way febreze helps you breathe happy. than a whole box of this other stuff... and that much freshness is gonna take some getting used to... [ sniffing ] yep. it's amazing what a single scoop of gain freshness can do. ♪ many hot dogs are within you. try pepto-bismol to-go, it's the power of pepto, but it fits in your pocket. now tell the world daniel... of pepto-bismol to-go. >>> a promising new treatment for alzheimers disease arrived in america. doctors
Dec 9, 2012 6:00pm EST
helping your memory. what it could mean in the fight against alzheimer's. and johnny football becomes johnny heisman. we will take to you his hometown. [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day with less chronic osteoarthritis pain. imagine living your life with less chronic low back pain. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one non-narcotic pill a day, every day, can help reduce this pain. tell your doctor right away if your mood worsens, you have unusual changes in mood or behavior or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults. cymbalta is not approved for children under 18. people taking maois or thioridazine or with uncontrolled glaucoma should not take cymbalta. taking it with nsaid pain relievers, aspirin, or blood thinners may increase bleeding risk. severe liver problems, some fatal, were reported. signs include abdominal pain and yellowing skin or eyes. tell your doctor about all your medicines, including those for migraine and while on cymbal
Dec 18, 2012 5:35am EST
detectar a tiempo los sintomas de alzheimer asi como saber si una persona le esta mintiendo. en los deportes los pieles rojas siguen ganando.
FOX News
Dec 7, 2012 8:00am PST
about one for the brain? a promises new break through offering hope to alzheimer's patients. >>> plus how do you like your cup of joe? these elephants help make one of the world's most exotic coffees. 50 bucks a serving. the coffee beans, that's a whole different story. stay tuned. ligations, but oblig. ligations, but oblig. i need to rethink the core of my portfolio. what i really need is sleep. introducing the ishares core, building blocks for the heart of your portfolio. find out why 9 out of 10 large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal. jon: breaking news now, "happening now." in my many years in this business i never learned to second-guess or try to guess what a jury will do. here is another example. ophadell williams, the bus driver accused of 15 counts of manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide, for the deaths of 15 people on his tour bus ha
Dec 6, 2012 12:00pm PST
. >> up next, a surprising new treatment for alzheimer's. a device doctors say can help keep your brain working. >>> and a pregnant princess kate emerges from the hospital. we'll hear from prince charles when we come back. hi. we'll have the weather forecast coming up. ,, [ female announcer ] for those who love sweets, your season is here. let's just call it the baking time of year. you need special ingredients. you need the staples. that's a given. you need safeway sugar for just $1.97. and that magic thing that makes everyone want another -- only $2.99 for challenge butter. and when hands get messy, quite surely they'll say, "yum! wow! yay! what a sweeter holiday." the feds are suing the makef a popular baby bed.. linkedo five infant deaths. the cosr product safety commission ss "baby matters" needs to recl its "nap nanny".. one deaths >>> the feds are suing the maker of a popular baby bed that led to five deaths. baby matters needs to recall its nap nanny. one death is blamed on the company's newest version of the portable baby recliner. its two previous versions were recalled after
Dec 6, 2012 4:00am PST
treatment for alzheimer's disease. john's happen kin researchers call it a pacemaker for the brain. it's being tested on people with early-stage alzheimer's to see if low volt electricity can boost memory. surgeons implanted the first device into an alzheimer patient last month. >>> the grammy nominations were annoyanced overnight before the big show in february. and six artists are tied for the most nominations. kanye west, jay-z, frank ocean, dan auerbach, mumford & sons and fun. you can see the categories on our website, >>> now, sports news. in eight letters, k-o-b-e. >> eight letters? >> highlights now -- i'm not a math major. highlights, now, from espn. it was eight. >> randy scott, here, with your "sportscenter" update. and we start with history in the nba yesterday. kobe bryant came into last night's game against the hornets just 13 points away from 30,000 for his career. so, we take you back to where it all began. drafted by the hornets in 1996. eventually traded to the lakers for vlade divac. trying to become the fifth member of that 30,000-point club, kareem abdul
FOX News
Dec 6, 2012 7:00pm EST
against memory loss that's associated with alzheimer's. through a pacemaker of sorts on your brain. this is new stuff. and we'll have the details in a potential break through according to doctors. and that's not only thing scientists are learning about our memories. terrence out they could be the reason you are hungry right now. the possible link between memory and appetite. that's just ahead. it was soccer, and ballet, and cheerleading, and baseball. those years were crazy. so, as we go into this next phase, you know, a big part of it for us is that there isn't anything on the schedule. you notice something different about these toys? the prices are so low. are we dreaming? i got an idea. kick me in the shin. if i feel it, we know the prices are real. yep, they're real. we've got more rollbacks on toys all december. wait, was that real? [ male annncer ] this christmas, get the hottest brands and rollbacks on the season's hottest toys, like the beyblade destroyer dome, only $34.96, the nerf elite hailfire, only $29.88 or select playdoh sets, only ten dollars. all backed by our low
Dec 6, 2012 12:00am PST
about alzheimer's. tell me about the book really fast. >> first of all the reason why i did the book for alzheimer's caregiver is i know how to train paraprofessionals to be counselors. these days anybody i talk to has somebody like this. i have friend who have a partner who has alzheimer's. >> joy: maybe people are living longer. >> we don't know. we don't have all the answers. what we do know is that the caregivers if it's the family or the paid caregiver must take care of themselves, otherwise they're going to run out of steam. they have to go out for a movie go out for coffee, they have to let other people help them. if somebody says can i do something for you? never to say no thank you but to say yes, i would like to have my hair done. can you come and replace me for two hours. very important. and also i talk about sex. >> joy: i know, you have the sex therapist. >> that's true. i can't have a book without sex. >> joy: what happens with alzheimer's. >> i'm not an expert on the disease. just on human relations. >> joy: right. >> there is a diminishing of control. people walk arou
Dec 10, 2012 4:30am PST
that could help in the fight against alzheimer's. >> device stimulates the to keep neurons alive to slow memory loss. researchers are testing it on one patient now and they hope to try it out on 40 patients in the coming year. the need for treatment is growing, one in eight older americans has alzheimer's and that number is expected to triple by 2060. >>> [ inaudible ] new developments in the crab wars. >>> move in san francisco city hall that could mean fewer places for smokers to light up. >>> good morning. breaking news in san leandro, fallen electrical wires sparked a fire on
Dec 28, 2012 6:30pm EST
78. the cause of death was pneumonia, though david martin says he also suffered from alzheimer's in his later years. tonight a look back at an extraordinary life. >> reporter: stormin' norman schwarzkopf was a revelation, a charismatic combat commander who rose out of the ashes of his own and the country's disillusionment after vietnam. the nickname applied to both his fightin fighting and management style as he once told "60 minutes." >> i said, listen, i wear my heart squarely on my sleeve. if i don't like something, there's going to be no doubt in your mind they don't like it, and if i like something, there will be no doubt in your mind they like it. >> reporter: he routed saddam hussein's army, first with an air war for which he provided the soundtrack. >> the simple fact of the matter is now every time an iraqi airplane takes off the ground, it's running away. >> reporter: then with the ground war which sent saddam's troop spies mad retreat. >> as far as saddam hussein being a great military strategist, he is neither a strategist nor is he schooled in the operational art nor is
Dec 9, 2012 9:00pm PST
. they hope to try it out on 40 patients over the next year. need for an alzheimer's treatment is growing. they believe the number of alzheimer's patients could triple by 2015. >> a new study show smoking may worsen a hangover. habits of college students over eight weeks. when a student smoked and drank, their hangover felt worse. one say it could be because alcohol and cigarettes and combined can be twice as disruptive. some say it gives a strong dose of dope mean to the body. >> fans going to the 49ers game got a chance to give a better christmas to san francisco kids. operation dream called out for donated toys. fans brought in 20,000 toys. organizers hope to top that this year. even a small gift can make a difference. >> they need to know that people care about them. it's so much bigger than where they live. there is whole world out there they can experience. >> ama: gifts will be distributed throughout the city. >> one american is safe and another is dead after a daring rescue in afghanistan. coming up we'll tell you what we know about the mission to save a doctor's life. and
Dec 24, 2012 11:00am PST
. take a look at this audience. everyone is wearing purple to support the alzheimer's association. [cheers and applause] you look world alzheims month, and we are raising moneys terrible disease. this is our third year doing this, and if you remember last year, we raised a ton of money, beginning with fashion guru carson kressley, who kicked things off by winning $25,000, susie essman from curb your enthusiasm added some serious cash to the cause when she won $100,000,
Dec 7, 2012 4:55am EST
americans now there could be a breakthrough in alzheimer's treatment. >> we'll show you how the doctors here are using a new procedure to stimulate the brain for those stricken with the condition. >>> and a hunter dies after falling through the ice on a hunting trip. and it takes an incredible turn. >>> the most powerful radar is getting active. how long the wet weather will linger. >>> everything is up to speed here on 695. we are dealing with a crash on 895. i'll have the details coming up on good morning maryland. look grandma, they have a hobbit menu. i know. apparently, they based an entire movie off of it. try the all-new hobbit inspired menu, only at denny's. and see "the hobbit: an unexpected journey." baltimore. >>> and a treatment for alzheimers may be here in baltimore. they are finding responses. >> we hope to see improved memory and they do not decline without the treatment. >> the same device is treating parkinson's disease. and it is in the experimental stage. it is appears to slow the progress of the disease for those in the early stages. >>> office gossip is frowned upo
Dec 23, 2012 9:00am PST
stroke is not the first step towards alzheimer's, is it? >> no, it is a totally different thing is that a universal opinion in your profession, or is it thought to be that the stroke is the first step in a continuum that marches on irresistibly to alzheimer's? >> you could have combinations 678 in fact, that's probably the most common thing. >> in your book, the longevity strategy, you argue against retirement. what do you say about it? >> well, in that book with dave >> well, in that book with dave have to stay interested and focused and things like. that look at these people, these retirement communities, getting up -- how many games of golf you n play? you have to stay interested. >>ou're not talking about maintaining the existing sauce of your lively looked right through age 10o you are talking about what? >> avocation. >> what is avocation? >> a serious interest in something, take up art, an interest in art when you're in your 30's or 40's. you have to start the avocation early. >> you are convinced that that will extend life? >> absolutely. it will certainly extend mental clarity. >
Nov 30, 2012 11:00pm PST
recognizable hits. the singer is on tour to say good-bye to all of his fans. >> he suffers from alzheimer's, and sharon chin was at the last concert tonight in napa. >> reporter: for decades, glen campbell has been gentle on their minds. the 76-year-old grammy winner announced last year he has alzheimer's disease. his daughter is one of three of his children who performs in the band. >> we've just been having an amazing time and we're gonna take this with us for the rest of our lives. >> reporter: campbell's show features old favorites from more than 70 albums over his 60- year career as a country pop and rock legend. fans packed the concert to say good-bye. >> we were raised on rhinestone cowboy. >> we've always loved his music, since we were in junior high school. >> he's one of the best guitarists this world has ever seen. >> reporter: and when campbell's forgotten lyrics, the audience helped. >> it's really touching for our family, that everyone has been so supportive of him, because he's not letting what he has stop him from doing what he does. >> reporter: campbell's family says he ma
FOX News
Dec 7, 2012 10:00am PST
alzheimer's disease as doctors make a promising break through in treating that disease. there is violence in egypt as protesters break through a barricade surrounding the presidential palace. plus today marks 40 years since the launch that sent our last manned mission to the moon. we'll look at where we are now with manned space flights. >> we have a liftoff. [ male announcer ] are you considering a new medicare plan? then you may be looking for help in choosing the right plan for your needs. so don't wait. call now. whatever your health coverage needs, unitedhealthcare can help you find the right plan. open enrollment to choose your medicare coverage begins october 15th and ends december 7th. so now is the best time to review your options and enroll in a plan. medicare has two main parts, parts a and b, to help cover a lot of your expenses, like hospital care... and doctor visits. but they still won't cover all of your costs. now's the time to learn about unitedhealthcare plans that may be right for you. are you looking for something nice and easy? like a single plan that combin
Dec 5, 2012 7:00am PST
grave la enfermedad de alzheimer que afecta a 5,4 millones de personas en estados unidos, los hispanos tenemos muchas más posibilidades de sufrir esta enfermedad, con nosotros está el doctor gustavo alba que trata a pacientes con alzheimer desde los últimos 16 años, vamos a reforzar e informar a la gente, qué es exactamente la enfermedad de alzheimer. >>> es una enfermedad, no es locura, es un trastorno que progresa de manera lenta, pero segura, afecta las tareas del individuo, la pérdida de memoria es distinta, en el sentido que hay una pérdida más profunda de al memoria asociada con cambios en el ánimo y también confusión. >>> o sea, doctor, si notamos que a nuestro ser querido le es difícil planificar o completar tareas como preparar una comida, hacer una llamada telefónica, pueden ser señales o síntomas de la enfermedad de alzheimer. >>> claro es importante reconocer las señale,s porque si alguien olvida cosas sencillas o pone cosas en situaciones poco comunes pueden ser el inicio. >>> qué tienen que hacer los televidentes si sospechan que un pariente sufre de la e
FOX News
Dec 7, 2012 12:00pm PST
weapon in the ballot against alzheimer's disease. we reported on this last night. doctors say the so-called brain pacemaker could stem memory loss. it could be a big development. >>shepard: more breaking news from the supreme court. the supreme court will hear pay for delay drug case. the u.s. supreme court agreed do decide whether brand name drug companies may pay money to go next drug rivals to keep the lower price markets off the market, a practice estimated to cost consumes and the government billions a year. the arrangements are known as pay for delay or reverse payments and they have for a decade vexed antitrust enforcers after a court decisions that allowed the practices. a go -- generic case will be paid to keep the drug off the marriage. and they will hear the case on whether gay marriage should be protected federally, and that will be taken up in march and we could know by the summer. researchers at johns hopkins have successfully implanted the first pacemaker for the brain as a possible treatment for alzheimer's disease. the device sends electrical impulses to the area of
Dec 28, 2012 11:35pm PST
just average. >> reporter: it all began when his grandmother got alzheimer's and then he got scared. >> i was really kind of concerned for myself and what that might mean for me in the future. >> reporter: so in searching for mental drills on the internet, he stumbled into the world of memory competition. >> mental athletes, you may begin. >> reporter: and realized that all these elite mental athletes are also ordinary people with ordinary brains but they have all learned an ancient but amazingly simple technique. once you have it down, he says that you too might be able to memorize the zip codes of a few dozen complete strangers in times square. >> how about lightning bolt? >> this guy, 02694. 06878. >> reporter: the key is to associate vivid mental images with mundane names or numbers. the more bizarre, the better. so my name is bill weir. my zip code is 10007. how would you lock that in? >> i would come up with an image for the number. 100 to me is frankenstein. and 07 is james bond. so i picture frankenstein sipping a martini. >> reporter: and how do you associate that with -- >
Dec 7, 2012 4:30am EST
breakthrough treatment for alzheimer's may be here. doctors at johns hop kins are trying a way of treating the disease. they are implanting a pace maker in the chest to simulate the brain. so far they say the finds have been positive. >> what we're hoping to see is improved memory and that people don't decline as fast as they would without the treatment. >> and the device is being used to treat parkinson's disease. using a pace make ser in in the experimental stage and appeared to slow the progression of the disease for people in the early stages of the illness. >>> and she was trying to get her shopping done but her bundle of joy had other plans. >> the role a police officer took on to bring a new life into the world. >>> two people are dead trying to rip off a house. what they found when they showed up at the crime scene. what it looks like coming up on good morning maryland. >>> the bodies of two girls who disappeared in july have been found. and hunters discovered the bodies of the two girls in a wooded area on wednesday afternoon. they were found about 25-miles from where the
Dec 17, 2012 6:00pm EST
objeto de consulta medica y una manera de detectar el alzheimer en sus comienzos. si el diagnÓstico es precoz, se pueden llegar a frenar los sÍntomas. ¿comoprevenirlo ? ejercicios de cÁlculo mental, memorizaciÓn y acertijos, todo lo que haga ejercitar su mente. si usted es de los que sufre dolor lumbar con frecuencia o padece de migraÑa, quizÁs deberia prestarle atenciÓn a sus hijos y tener cuidado en cÓmo afronta sus sÍntomas, ya que sus pequeÑos podrÍan aprender tambien a tener dolor, desde temprana edad. aunque no le crezca como a pinocho, cuando usted dice una mentira, su nariz podria delatarlo, la temperatura de la punta de la nariz cambia cuando decimos una mentiriilla, aunque sea inofensiva. la ansiedad que produce el tener que mentir, ocasiona un aumento de la temperatura facial. este llamado'efecto pinocho' 'indica que la temperatura de la punta de la nariz aumenta o disminuye segÚn nuestro estado de Ánimo. tenemos tenemos una advertencia de salud, esta vez tiene que ver con los peligros de las joyas magne Éticas que usualmente los adolescentes usan en la leng
Dec 27, 2012 11:00am PST
, everybodyome to millionaire. all this week we have been playing to raise money for the alzheimer's association with some wonderful celebrities. joining me again, cheech marin. nice to see you, cheech. >> nice to see you. [cheers and applause] this man, for those of you who don't know it, he came here to win the million dollars. he's very, very smart. all that pot, i guess, had no impact. >> no. it helped me, actually. >> apparently. >> aha. >> it was something, because i know you've played jeopardy! before and done extremely well. you're doing a great job here.
Dec 1, 2012 4:00pm PST
being a soldier. >> thank you. >> good luck to you. mr. mark king. >>> coming up -- alzheimer's, a devastating disease, now it is silencing the voice of a music legend. glen campbell talks about the end of a long career, that's next. [ male announcer ] it started long ago. it's called passion. and it's not letting up anytime soon. at unitedhealthcare insurance company, we understand that commitment. so does aarp, serving americans 50 and over for generations. so it's no surprise millions have chosen an aarp dicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement plans, it helps cover some of what medicare doesn't pay. to find out more, call today. ♪ like a rhinestone cowboy >>> ah, truly an american music legend. he has called it a career. glen campbell played the final show of his i lustrous career last night in napa, california. he is suffering from al alzheimer's. he sat down with cnn's miguel marquez. >> reporter: last year, the rhinestone cowboy made a stunning announcement. >> what they diagnose me as? >> al
Dec 5, 2012 9:00pm CST
have seen the maggots much sooner. mccann is an alzheimer's patient and she has been moved to another home. coming up, 27 days ago and still no agreements for the fiscal crisis but tonight small signs of progress. and house speaker john maynard discuss and the fiscal cliff and president barack obama suppresses his case today for a tax hike to help reduce the deficit. we are not insisting on rates just out of spite or any kind of partisan victory but rather because we need to raise a certain amount of revenue. >> and he made that pitch to several wealthy ceos he wants to raise taxes on the top 2 percent of income earners and he believes this will help raise the government's 16 trillion dollar debt coupled with spending cuts but the republican controlled house says the president has not responded to their latest proposal. >> i think we made a good-faith offer to avert the fiscal crisis and that offer included significant spending cuts and reforms and it included additional revenue and frankly it was the balanced approach mr. president has been asking for. erick kanter announced
Dec 5, 2012 5:00pm EST
hollywood. special puppies arrived in d.c. from afghanistan. >> it is a new way to treat alzheimer's. 7 is on your side tonight press cancer drug treatment. this will stop the chances the cancer reoccurring. this new study could lengthen to 10commended course years. here is some health news eu should know before you go out to you at the restaurant. the restaurant guidelines for , and new study shows that washing does not risk for foodborne es.ness thi >> they are preparing to a device tomorrow. a joins us with procedure and how this device works. tell us about it. first tore the perform the surgery in the u.s. they rely on the same such as pacemakers , but are using it stimulate the brain. barbara has deteriorated dramatically over the past nine years. aggression has gone downward. we have tried a lot of different things medically. nothing has worked. experimental dedication has failed. doctors are looking to a new -- surgically implanting a pacemaker to stimulate the brain. wyers are underneath the skin -- wires to the skull are underneath the skin and skull.o the >> it is the under
Dec 6, 2012 7:00am EST
promising new treatment for alzheimer's disease. we'll ask a researcher why putting a pacemaker in the brain maybe work wonders. that's next on cbs "this morning." ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] with depression simple pleasures can simply hurt. the sadness, anxiety the loss of interest. the aches and pains and fatigue. depression hurts. cymbalta can help with many symptoms of depression. tell your doctor right away if your depression worsens, you have unusual changes in behavior or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults. cymbalta is not approved for children under 18. people taking maois or thioridazine or with uncontrolled glaucoma should not take cymbalta. taking it with nsaid pain relievers, aspirin, or blood thinners may increase bleeding risk. severe liver problems some fatal, were reported. signs include abdominal pain and yellowing skin or eyes. tell your doctor about all your medicines including those for migraine and while on cymbalta, call right away if you have high fever confusion and stiff muscles or serious allergic
Dec 6, 2012 2:35am EST
device could help patients with alzheimers. john hopkins researchers call it pacemaker for the brain. it has been used in thousand of parkinson's patients and tested on people with early stage alzheimers to see if they can, if the electricity can boost memory. surgeons implanted the first device into an alzheimers patient last month. >>> new consumer alert for parents with babies about a product with potentially deadly defect. consumer product safety commission says five deaths are linked to portable baby recliners sold as products called the nap nanny or the chill, more than 100,000 of these products from a company called baby matters, have now been sold. the government is demanding refund for the customers, the company refused. and then went out of business. >>> here is what is passing for progress to avoid the fiscal cliff at year's end. president obama and house speaker john boehner spoke about it on the phone with one another. that discussion came as treasury secretary tim geithner confirmed mr. obama is prepared to take the economy over the cliff unless republicans agree to raise t
Dec 2, 2012 6:00am PST
genetic make-up mapped and is said to have asked not to be told if he was at higher risk for alzheimers. >> if i tell you, particularly incorrectly, that you have an increased risk of getting a terrible disease, that could weigh on your mind. that could make you anxious. that could be the filter through which you see the rest of your life. it could really mess you up. >> reporter: every ache and pain i think is the beginning of the end. >> if you were ever worried you were at risk for alzheimers disease, then every time you can't find your car in the parking lot, you think the disease is starting. >> reporter: dr. robert green of boston's briggham and women's hospital has been pondering this issue for years. green led a study of people who wanted to know if they were at a higher genetic risk for alzheimers. it was thought that people who got bad news would, for lack of a better medical term, freak out. but green and his team found that there were no significant differences between how people handled good news and possibly the worst news of their lives. so you found that people who ask f
Dec 9, 2012 10:00am EST
des including cancer, alzheimer's, diabetes. you're on a sinking ship. you're trying to slow the sinking ship and managing the system. >> explain the scale of the problem because of demographics. how many people are getting old and what does that mean in terms of these diseases you're talking about? >> well, for the first time in history for who we are as a species, over the last 70 years, the life expectancy worldwide has increased from about 42 to 74. by the year 2025, we will have 1.2 billion people over the age of 60. the significance of 60 is that after 60 the incidence of the great four diseases that today cost the united states alone a trillion dollars in direct and indirect expenditures will dramatically increase, double every five years. >> so once you're 60, your -- >> you start to escalate. so by the time you're 85, you have 45% chance of having alzheimer's. if you're man, a one in two lifetime chance of having cancer, so we're on a collision course. >> and only science can solve this because what science does is it makes it so that you don't actually have to treat the
Dec 20, 2012 6:00pm PST
alert. but it's for missing people 65 yearsr older with alzheimers or dementia. starting in janua families with missing loveds >>> the california highway patrol instituted a silver alert for missing people 60 or older who suffer from alzheimer's or dementia, like the amber alert program. starting in january loved ones can call police without waiting 24 hours. one big difference, no highway alerts. >> overhead freeway signs, those won't be activated. and additionally, there won't be necessarily a break in broadcasting a program on tv. that has to be determined by the television station itself. >> california joins 30 other states that already have this program. >>> all right. despite assurances from nasa that the sun will rise tomorrow sun remain convinced that this is our last night in this world. so who is right? cbs 5 reporter mike sugerman went to the ends of the earth to find out. >> reporter: oh, whoa! it's going to happen tomorrow? i hope not. could be among the greatest hoaxes played on earthlings. no, it didn't. no, it hasn't. sounds like something out of hollywood. >> it i
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